The Man Lying Down

Keep on the Grass

You’ve seen him. That man lying in the grass in the park, hands behind his head, looking up at the clouds. Who does he think he is so totally relaxed so near to others marching down sidewalks to jobs, appointments, and errands? I mean, who is he and how does he just get to lie down on the soft grass while I am rushing around like an excited rodent?

We eventually come to sense that we want to know more about this man. After all, he’s well-dressed in his horizontology. Oh, there’s a new word! He’s relaxed and mindful at the same time. Vigilance and repose together. How does he do that? What is it?

His mouth holds back smiles and his brow carries no seeping concern. His disposition is friendly, his demeanor humble, his sense of well-being — contagious.

Together, let’s find out how to be the man lying down. I know many of you will say, “I do not wish to lie down.” But you will want to after you learn about horizontology and how to become, in fact, a horizontologist.

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