Lying Down on the Job

mindful repose

Of great interest to the horizontologist is the study of ergonomics especially approaches to the ideas of work and relaxation coming together for so many benefits. Imagine a digital workstation featuring a command daybed from which to view screens, type, locate anything and communicate.

But the horizontologist knows there is a stigma in today’s speed-obsessed world with things pertaining to lying down –especially lying down on the job.  People will think, “He is a slacker. He tries to do as little as possible.”  The horizontologist pays no attention to the banter of people.  He will remember that:

Work is divided into function and essence.

Function is getting up, getting ready to go to work, getting to work, setting up to work, preparing for work, talking about what you’re working on, when it’s got to be done and so on and so and at the end of the day you think you’ve had a long hard slug at it and you prepare to go home, go home, remove shoes, add wine.

Essence is the fish to the fisherman, the painting to the painter, the song to the songsmith, the happy john to the prostitute — no I mean, the cash up front to the prostitute.  Essence is the intended outcome or rather the essential actions or decisions that directly make the desired outcome happen.  And folks, this can most likely be acheived while one is in a relaxed state of mind/posture.

Minimize your function and find your essence.  This really is what horizontology is saying

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