The Hornets’ Nest

where are you going?

From the surface of the moon, Earth appears blue, peaceful and cloud-laced. But a closer look will reveal a menacing activity very much like a disturbed nest of hornets.  At any given moment, thousands of aircraft are swarming the skies, encircling the planet.  The exact number is hard to calculate but then, Horizontologists rarely concern themselves with statistical correctness.  According to, there are approximately 4,589 planes in the air.  In a 24 period, it is estimated that 48,000 planes take off and land.  Oh, that’s just in the U.S.  Worldwide, according to some Internet sources, between 8,000 and 13,000 planes are up in the air — right now.  How about this visual:  872 airplanes every 30 seconds?

Where is everybody going?  Why do we seem to have to be somewhere else than where we are?  Do we keep getting our location wrong?  Human activity is at a feverish pitch.  Every possible mode of transportation is maxed out to where you’ve got flight delays and traffic jams everywhere.  And for what?  So you can throw yourself on the couch and say, “It so good to be home”?

It’s time to stop.  The human race please exhale.  We already did it.  It’s already been done.  Do not do it.  Cancel your flight.  Get off the train.  Leave your car in the driveway.  Walk to the grass.  Lie down in the grass.  There’s a patch of Earth spangled in shade from the lattice of tree branches.  Do not resist gravity.   Rest.  Breath.  Look skyward.

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