The Pyramid of Truth

Truth be told

Some people shoot for the apex. Go all the way to the top. But why? Hard to say. I am not the alpha male. Trust me, I am beta…

Just because something is there is not a good enough reason for me to climb it.  If you do climb it, you must forever defend your claim. This then causes agenda in your life.

What is agenda? It is what you are coerced into thinking and doing because, according to your schema, this or that must be done. My friends, this creates confusion and imbalance.

The higher a person niches out his or her little nob on the hill, the more that person needs to defend their hard-won stronghold. Defense is a funny word because it is part psychological and part warfare. Defense mechanism, mechanized defense. Yes, life can become very complicated “on top.”

What about the lower tiers of the pyramid. Who lives there? I will tell you: Those who speak the Truth.

Listen to them. They have nothing to protect, no ulterior motives. Seek counsel with the blind, the decrepit, the homeless. They know.  And my friends, they will tell.

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