The Seventh Day

see that it is good

According to the Bible, God created the heavens and the earth, the sea and everything in them in six days and on the seventh day, he rested.  Being as there have been no new worlds created lately, I assume this is still the seventh day — a day in Godly terms meaning tens of thousands of years.

But He still seems to dabble a bit here and there like parting the Red Sea, carving the Ten Commandments in stone and compelling bearded men to write it all down.  It’s more like semi-retirement.

We humans, on the other hand, never seem to rest.  It’s always upward and onward in great upheavals. People get hurt in revolutions, wars, automobile accidents, love triangles… Why do we crowd around the man on the soap box when we could be home baking bread?

Stop doing it.  It’s already been done.  We discovered electricity and plugged in our computers, built a better vehicle, devised an international monetary fund, loopholes for the well-connected, built meat factories, slave warehouses, prostitution rings, and lurid theme parks.

Stop.  It is time for the Grand Siesta.  Take it from God.  Rest.  It is the Seventh Day.

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