Sun Worship

Look into the sun

Until quite recently, our sun has been revered as the source of our light, our warmth and our life. We marked the summer solstice when the sun shined on us the longest. We marked the winter solstice celebrating the sun’s return from its seasonal reticence.

The original god was the Sun God, its power self-generating, its golden rays extending omniscient to all walks of life — kings and beggars, dogs and ants. Some say the Egyptian god, Horus, was a prototype of Jesus known as the Son of God but for all we know, this could very well have been a biblical typo (of biblical proportions!). Maybe He’s the only begotten Sun… And how do you accept Him, this golden offering of life and bounty? Just go outside.

Currently, however, the sun is much maligned in our consumer culture. After all, the gifts of the sun are free and in case you haven’t noticed, there is a war on free. So we are told the sun is harmful to humans — an amazingly masterful deception!

So we spread chemicals all over our skin to block the sun’s beneficial rays. We dare not even gaze at the sun for fear of burning our optic nerves. What are we — nocturnal rodents?

No we are surface dwellers who need the sun’s power and majesty — not to mention its endless buckets of vitamin D which our bodies could not possibly absorb from consuming food. Skin cancer is caused by the sun? This is a hoax. Generally, people develop skin cancer from years of living indoors and eating nasty products incorrectly labeled as food.

Open your doors. Go outside. Lie down in the sand, the snow. Find an outcropping of granite, go naked (also free) and drink in the nectar of the sun. Does a body good!

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