Horizontal Dating

lie down and date

Yes, you can go on a horizontal date…it’s not what you’re thinking.

You swing into a big box which is actually a bed with heavy posts and a canopy all made of wood and looking down on the king size bed is a full size mirror. Your date swings in on the other side and you both lie down flat on the many-cushioned mattress and gaze up into the mirror.

For first dates or getting-to-know dates, a wooden partition (with sound holes to carry the conversation) divides the bed in two. So you are separated skin from skin while the image in the mirror shows the two of you lying down together. Brilliant!

No smoking or drinking so the “dates” are only five minutes. Of course, you will know if you like the person within five seconds. So, a five minute “date” could go for…hmm…I think I will have many of these boxes made and set them up in malls, flea markets, and carnivals…

My advice?  Go to an open patch of land and lie down.  Look up at the sky.  No smoke, no mirrors.

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