Love well seasoned

How can you say your love is unconditional when the focus of your love tends to meet the particular conditions of your conscious or unconscious attraction schema — sex, orientation, height, hair color, physique and thumb size? Why do you insist on romanticizing the animal feeling?

The paradox of love is that we change over time. We and the objects of our desire transform, age gracefully or not. The old man who lovingly helps his crippled wife with the grocery shopping…you’ve seen him I think. Our sensual invitations become spirited devotions — if we can roll with it…

Sometimes…often…we do not recognize human connection as love. As is usually the case, our preconceived ideas block out nature’s instruction as well as the instruction of our own minds. How can you pour tea into a cup that is already filled to the brim?

Love is everywhere and yet it’s nowhere except where it fits into your schema of love. Just remember the paradoxes of love — for there are many — and be careful what you wish for.

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