The Horizontal Method

Sounding the depths

There is a madness to my method, any method really in the sense that methodology tends to expedite agenda and wouldn’t that be contrary to the horizontal way? But that doesn’t mean there is a method to my madness. It could be a method for practicing acceptance — one of the Ten Suggestions (if you’ve been paying attention). I say follow a method though it may very well be a type of formal opposition to the concept of horizontology. Otherwise, you may fall into the dreaded state of nebularity which I will get to later.

My method is conscious non-agenda. You are not trying to prove anything. There is no proof of anything nor can there ever be. We cannot believe our eyes, our fossils, our DNA structures (especially those which omit the spirit strand of ether) nor our ever-so-frail carbon dating techniques. Therefore, pick your bone with a grain of salt.

Everything doesn’t happen for a reason. There is no beginning and no end. Stop looking for them! We suffer because we live in physicality. The spirit of man is never changing and always in transition. The prophets said mainly this. The works of man ultimately breed vanity and avarice. The life of man ultimately shows his mark. How did he live? Was it a good life?

What will you do today? Are you a good person? Do you have any bad thoughts? What are bad thoughts? Can bad people have good thoughts? What is a good thought? What is a bad person? Step one of the method is to ask your own questions.

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