The Busy Bees

All that you can bee

Are people conspiring against you? Do bankers meet to discuss ways to collect more fees at faster rates? Have the leaders of the world made secret pacts known only to club members? Relax, you’re not as paranoid as you think you are!

The busy bees work around the clock building up their beehive for their ardently loved queen who wants nothing more than absolute obedience — and lots of honey. They are so very motivated and industrious and they have even lent their prodigious industry to the creation of codes and values. Coincidentally, the top value in the code produced by the busy bees is INDUSTRY. Just do it, do it as fast as possible and do it all the time everywhere even on holidays and baptisms — especially at baptisms where the wet-eared next generation reminds you to work for family, work for friend.

However, as a full fledged Horizontologist, I rather don’t care much for bees (although I do like honey). The buzzing sound is too much for my ears. I know they are speaking so fast to each other, stepping up production, working at optimum levels in a noisy din of instructions and beehive-making information. They are each and every one of them without exception (no exceptional bees) lock-step with the program.  It’s chilling!

From when I was a child, I have had a soft spot for the grasshopper in that fable by Aesop. The responsible, hard-working (no-nonsense) ant had all his ducks in a row while the grasshopper spent all summer singing. Think of that. Enjoying the moments, expressing praise and thankfulness to the morning, longing and delight to the evening.  I’ll take ducks not exactly in a row anytime.

If there is no food, so what? I know a place in the marsh where there is grass and warm clay. I will sleep at last and rest my lusty voice.  The frogs and the salamanders and the bears and this grasshopper will see you next spring.

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