Don’t Do It

Destined to arrive

Now I will introduce a new concept about Horizontology. This concept is that of non-intervention. Leave it alone. Let it be. What shall we call this concept? It is the Concept of Non-Intervention.

Did you ever get a splinter when you were a child and it was a bad splinter and it hurt like hell? I know you remember. Well, you had to make the agonizing choice whether to fool with it or just leave it alone. It was a choice between purge the intruder or adapt, assimilate the intruder.

But how do we gauge when we should DO SOMETHING or let things take their course? All types of legal issues arise if “something” is not done or done properly. We are quick to document our little pie piece and pass it on. See there! I did something!

It would take a wiser man than Solomon to describe the borders of DO-DON’T DO. But I say, if in doubt and if not with love, do not do it.

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