The Long Stretch

Where have you been?

Horizontology is a way for us to mimic time. We are stretched out across the gravitational pull and we create our own metaphor for the long night ahead.

Time, not death, is the great equalizer. Pliny the Younger sought and secured the so-called immortality of fame through diligent writing but…do you know anything about Pliny the Younger? Will anyone know in twenty more years especially with all that “new stuff” being slipped to us.

But there’s nothing new about anything and there really never was. Everything happens in time and no one thing will ever stop time.

Lay down your “things” and lie down. There is nothing to do except the things your mind is telling you to do. What is your intention? Why would your mind be tricking you into a world of servitude or even disgrace?

Time will never know.

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