Music to my ears

Music is sound, right? Sounds that are pleasing, harmonious, yes? Wave patterns moving through the air sending vibrations to the human ear and  the vibrations are good. Anyone?

But if music can be defined as “pleasing sounds”, what then is that music playing in your head?  Go ahead, try it!  Think of a wonderful sound, a song.  Do you have it?  Now… play it!

You can follow along with your “mind’s ear.”  The melody, the arrangement, perhaps if you are clever, the feeling of the music.  Why then you would be able to stimulate actual physical responses to the soundless music.  Very clever indeed if you can muster a change of mood, eye water or goosebumps…

Yes, there is music beyond the vibrating particles construct.  It is the idea of the music, the melody, a sentence of abstract thought expressed through a sublime structure.

What is music?  I say it is sound and the memory of sound.  Your memory is there for your listening entertainment.

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