So Horizontal

I knew you would come back.

I was so horizontal, so completely earth-bound channeling the magnetic forces that flow and rush around this planet’s crust and horizontally, I might add that…well…I stopped blogging.

How could you? I know!  How could I?  The world wants this, the world needs these horizontal ideas.  And who else is going to charm the blogosphere of verticality to fall knees first into the leaf pile of lying down?   To lie down to view the sky.  I will and I alone call you down with a tug at your sleeve.

Let’s do this again.  We can talk about almost anything or nothing at all.  I always come up with something.  This first blog back is just to express good thoughts about starting up the dialogue again — and it is a dialogue because you leave messages…don’t you?

So, I’m baaaaaaaaacccccckkkkkkk!  Back on my back.

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