Why stay?

Are you feeling oppressed? The laws of the land are so numerous and convoluted you are forever advised to seek out an attorney while at the same time you are told that ignorance of the law is no excuse. Which reality is correct? Neither.

The code of commerce supersedes the law of the land, the social critics are actually the suppressors of accurate information. Meanwhile, surveillance cameras multiply, urinalysis clinics proliferate, and compulsory “education” wags on unchallenged. Your gossamer facade of personal freedom is in bad need of a talented tailor.

“Keep your nose clean” was the expression of our cautious parents some of whom emigrated from less self-deluding countries.

“Don’t cause trouble.”
“The walls have ears.”
“You can’t fight city hall.”

Why not? Oh, that’s right. You could end up fined, jailed, ridiculed, tortured and erased. Silly, I forgot.

Seek to avoid a society feasting on deception. Facts no longer exist. The world has been Photoshopped. Time to relinquish your name, your number, your slave status, your delusion that you own a home, a vehicle or a physical body.

Find an open field away from the roads. Leave your car, your identification papers. There is a tree under which to sprawl. The afternoon breeze shakes the leaves and a single bird sings full-throttled obscenities to the sky.

You are beyond the reach of tracking devices, unmanned drones, picture-snapping satellites. Now you can taste your absolute liberty beneath a cathedral of gently swaying branches.

Watch the branches. They speak!

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