The Cave

Don’t knock it.

Compared to what we ought to be, we are half awake.

— William James

Did you know that once I was abducted by elves?  That’s right!  They brought me to their underground living room and set me up next to a miniature table.  I was given a strangely spiced mushroom soup and a thimble full of toad’s milk.  They seemed happy to see me and although I do not know their language, I believe they were congratulating me.  Congratulating me for what?

Somehow I passed through the door, the one that’s usually firmly locked shut to the everyday consciousness of the great “hubbub.” Somehow I was able to open the door.  The elves were only too glad to pull me along by my elbows.

The cave is everyone’s cradle: there is no exclusion.  All creation being interlinked cannot be denied access.  This is why all manner of priestly orders ultimately fails.  We must include all the people and all the animals and all the plants and all the rocks and sand and clouds.

You can only keep the universe out by barring the door.  But then, you would not be in the cave.


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