This and That

Just another day

In Turkey I am told, there is an expression “shurla burla” meaning “like this, like that.” It describes the world of the ten thousand things perfectly.  You never know what will happen when and even if you do, you’ll never know why.

When someone says (usually just repeating what they heard someone else say) “everything happens for a reason”, they are giving a sense and an order to our this-and-that existence that does not operate there…I mean here. Here is not the heaven in our minds.

We have all eaten of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and therefore we dwell in the intimate psychology of dreams, constructs by which our sense of what is right or desirable and what is wrong and to be avoided are applied to our environment.

But our environment is not within our control (though the misguided continue to try to subjugate it); no matter what we do on the surface of Earth or under it or above it, we can’t stop a hurricane, teach a whale to sing Beethoven’s Second Piano Concerto or light the dark side of the moon.

I’m afraid we are perched rather precariously on a ball spinning through space filled with people assigning the ten thousand things as either good or evil and acting accordingly (or not).

Come and lie down with me content beneath the Tree of Life!

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