What are you going to do?

Nebularity describes a state wherein the mind is not engaged in any aspect of living whether it be moving around, eating, creating, even resting.  The mind lacks a purpose or direction. In short, nebularity is the absence of focus.

This is what the Horizontologist tries to avoid whence practicing his Horizontology. How does he do it? After all, nebularity can creep up on anyone especially someone who is lying around concentrating on doing nothing.

Mindfulness, my Friends.  The Horizontologist practices mindfulness.  He is mindful of his sullen stupor. He finds a way to laugh at himself.  He calls to his side a faithful pet and whispers his innermost thoughts.

What a sad creature is he who doesn’t know what on earth to do with himself! As if his brain were intertwined with ravenous vine-works, he waltzes in a kind of drunken pantomime of his actual life which presumably proceeds along somewhere else in time and space.

Life is rhythm! To be horizontal does not mean to stop dancing.  No one said you have to wait in the waiting room.  Why you could do almost anything.

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