What should I wear?

Is there a clothing conspiracy? I look around and have to say “yes.” There is definitely something wrong.  Russian serfs dressed better than the common consumer today.  Consider the Roman Era, the Middle Ages.  People dressed well and actually it was the peasants who wore the most functional attire which we must remember was hand-made with all natural fibers and dyed (or not) using all natural processes.

Compare that to the mass produced itchy misery of the garment industry.  Children and women, old men, young men slaving through endless hours in “sweat shops” stamping out shirt after shirt to end up at a Walmart near you.

Yes, there is a clothing conspiracy!  We are not wearing the affection of a hand-made jacket.  We are slipping into the monstrosity of forced labor.

Which as we all know was all well and fine for so many years and still A Okay in some parts of the world but really, the clothes, to me are unwearable. Like I said, an “untouchable” on the streets of New Delhi is more finely arraigned than the average Joe in a T-shirt advertising a sugar drink and sweat pants advertising a local gymnasium.

Folks, we got to get our wardrobe together! Buy a sewing machine and learn how to make your own clothes.  Or be naked in your Horizontology.

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