Work Theory

business as usual

Theoretically, work is unnecessary. The concept of work that most of us have today germinated from the tribal/national constructs of conquering and subjugating. Work is slavery.

Fine! If that’s what you want. Go ahead and drive through hellish traffic to a poisonous box full of computer screens and paper. Sit in your spine-crushing chair and get your head straight and on task for the better part of your conscious day. Some people like to be told what to do.

We can’t all be glorious and freedom-loving. But the Horizontologist remembers the hunt. He remembers the tool making and recognizes these activities, not as work, but as pursuits, diamond-focused pursuits of the heart and soul.

In Horizontology, the theory of work is that it is a product of the Agricultural Revolution, the advent of kings and law-givers. We are evolving away from this dusty world of slavery, this concept that somebody’s got to do the dirty work and life is simply a grim and grueling competition for the most tolerable slave positions.

Follow your heart. Refuse to wear chains. I say refuse it.

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