Horizontolgy: A Natural History

Try this at home

Think of the various native populations flung far across the globe and yet having in common the penchant for rest.

With rest comes a sense of repose which in turn makes possible reflection. Through reflection, man has evolved toward a state of greater rest and less work.  25,000 years ago, man worked approximately four hours four days a week.  By stark contrast, who among us today has the time to fashion tools, create art, paint paintings, name animals? Yes, my friends, the cavemen and cavewomen were on to something!

Naturally, they had to locate a cave as this would provide them good protection from storms, saber-toothed tigers and, to some extent, bugs since a fire was kept burning near the cave’s entrance.

Inside, just beyond the fire pit,  the first beds of mankind. What a positive delight for the caveperson to collapse on a bed made from the pelts and hides of a variety of now-extinct mammals! You can’t get that at the Ritz!

Seeking the Horizontal is the natural destiny of man. The hunt has been hard but a long period of rest, repose and reflection is now possible.

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