The Nature of Existence



Now we must embark on a journey.  There is no other way but to walk out straight. You will walk straight out of prison.  This is your knapsack.  I have one too packed with things to eat. Let’s go…

How shall I live? Is this not the question? To answer it, one might want to get a hold of a concept of existence.  What I mean to say is…have some concept of what we are and what our life on planet earth means — if anything.

As a founder and lay brother of the Church of Horizontology, I am here today to explain to you the nature of existence so as to then figure out how to live our lives. Here it goes…

We are spirit.  We intermingle with the physical world.  All of us want to be here.  The spirit wishes to experience the world.  However, the world, the physical world is subject to the full range of good and bad occurrences and consequences.  Yes, life offers a chance for pleasure, bliss and many other positive realms of human consciousness.  But it also presents dangers and pains.  Some spirits know it’s a trade off — and a pretty much even trade off.  Other spirits forget they are no longer in the realm of light and surety.

So it is good to see the world as it is.  Did not Seneca try to temper the murderous moods of Nero with a simple homily: Things don’t always go right.

The spirits take a chance on this physical universe of laws and limitations.  But, to the spirit, it is worth it.  Bring on the onslaught of this life, the pains and cuts, bruises, heartaches, misery, treachery, not to mention a long and bloody history of absolute carnage.

Still the spirits flock to the world.





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