The Big Question

Am I a man or a mouse?

Am I a man or a mouse?

Are we different from the myriad other forms of life classified as animals? Certainly we differ from the plants; we are built to scurry about while plants are made to absorb over time. But are we human beings something above and beyond the horse or dog or dolphin or do we share completely in the primordial slime from microscopic life to ape?

What is a sentient being? A living thing that reacts to the world through memory, reflection and choice? Then 70 to 80% of the current human population would not qualify as a sentient being.

There are some who say that man is the pinnacle of life on Earth.  Man is the fruition of God’s enterprise. Then there are some who consider the eagle or the lynx and wonder how better we really are riding around in boxes, talking on tracking devices and eating almost constantly.

Who do we thing we are? Is this not “the big question”?

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