The War Against Free

Just listen to you

Why is there always this hum of radio waves, distracting beats, talking heads, fluff television? Why this daily barrage of mediocre music and leering imagery, everywhere, all the time?

I will tell you why. It’s because if you had a moment to yourself to think about the world and how it truly operates, you just might reach an epiphany, a crystalline realization that there is a war going on and the objective of this war is to subjugate your mind by way of two instruments of destruction: consumerism and fear.

You are told to buy something probably thousands of times a day. In effect, you are being poked and prodded just like a bovine in a pen. You are told that you need hundreds of things to live an acceptable, if not, blissful life. Do you the consumer take that which you consume to have and to hold until the life insurance money runs out? You do…don’t you?

Fear, the other controlling tentacle of corporate/state power (or whatever it is) drives us into insurance policies and security systems (like gated communities). We fear loss, abandonment, non-acceptance. We fear being alone.

Try not to fear solitude. You won’t be missing anything terribly important. Go be alone for awhile. It’s fun!

You will discover that the best things in life really are free of charge. First and foremost are your own thoughts. Let your mind wander. Reflect on a situation. Listen to a bird singing. The media does not like you to think by and for yourself. Power wants complete control and you and your original thoughts present an obstacle. So, the media constantly tells us to listen up, plug in, get hooked.

Now, get yourself horizontal…what do you see? The sky is what you see and what is in the sky but the beautiful egalitarian sun that shines on fools and wise men, beggars and kings the same everywhere, always. And absolutely free. So, they attack the sun and say it’s harmful. Watch out, use sun screen, avoid the radiance.

You will discover many other wonderfully free things in life that are routinely disparaged in our modern culture. Water used to be free and now, people buy it in plastic bottles. Actually, it’s still as free as it ever was but people are told to drink bottled water and, more than often, they do.

It’s also free to be naked and so there is a war on nudity. Go ahead. Try running around naked for a day and see how far you get! Sex is also free but enemy voices tell us we must buy it in the forms of personal vanity, status possessions, virtual reality and (coming soon to a town near you) sexbots.

Can you think of some things you can experience without a subscription? Letting the rain splash against your tongue is one. Why that would most likely result in some sort of special forces unit trained ad nauseum to neutralize the opposition…

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