Hitting the Deck

There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as lying flat on your back on a sun-drenched wooden deck. Try it devoid of all clothing to feel directly the mild scorch of healing heat beneath your shoulders and back. You will notice which body parts touch the floor and which do not.

After fourteen minutes or so, turn over on your stomach. Maybe a small towel is a good idea to protect your privates… particularly if the floor boards are sizzling.  You will notice your body trying to find a completey relaxing way to lie flat face down on boards.

After a few adjustments, you will find that cheek against wood puts too much stress on the neck so you fold your arms under your head. Now you can face straight ahead or I mean to say straight down.

Your feet can be either up on their toes, down or crossed at the ankles. A mischeivous breeze glides along your backside.

Here is what the wooden deck of a typical home looks like:

Absolutely horrendous! Where does a body lie?

Now, here is the deck of a Horizontologist:

Brilliant! The floor is your seat and your table is what spreads before you. Room to move, a place from which to study clouds, a warm platform of invitation, a medium of healing.

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