About Horizontology

Lay low and prosper.

relaxed, alert

Welcome to the Church of Horizontology.  Here is your oasis of calm in a digital world teeming with millions of voices clamoring to be heard, faces to be seen.  Here we set forth a vision for mindful repose. We cast off our dead skin, our encumbrances, stop and see what is there.  What remains once the daily distractions are removed?

Simply put, Horizontology proposes that through the act of  lying down, humans can live healthier, think clearer, accomplish projects more efficiently, and connect with spirit.

We are without agendas, appointments, occasions, scripts.  There is nothing you have to do.  No dogma to adhere to, no gods to bow down to or impresarios trying to persuade you to think a certain way.  Please do not be convinced. Stay opened to world, the endless possibilities.

If you would like to practice Horizontology, all you have to do is lie down.  Try it right now.  You will be amazed. You will become a church unto yourself — the Church of Horizontology.  Oh, you can’t — you’re at work or on a bus or a plane.  Children toddling out into the streets.  Horizontology seeks ways to maximize your access to the horizontal.  “I can’t just lie down” is exchanged for “There’s a place where I can stretch my spine and breathe.”

This means the study of ergonomics.  How can we work in the horizontal?  Sociology — how do we move around and come together?  Sexuality — what pulls us from our warm beds?  Many other areas to explore…

I will be writing the principles and practices of Horizontology and hopefully inspire you toward the infinity of  non-action.  It will be a book and it is being written spine parallel to the Earth’s crust — like all the other mammals in the biosphere.

Until then, I pass the offering plate humbly asking for anything you feel to give to support continued research and speculation into the vast realm of the horizontal.

Ivan Tully