The Art of the Question

big questions, small answers

Why do you want to know?  That is the question to ask yourself when you ask a question.  It is the second question.  How did the universe begin?  Why do you want to know?

When you ask yourself this second question, you are checking for intention.  Again, generally, intention is that which you do knowingly and in accordance with your best guess as to the rightness of your action (or non-action). Questioning the question is a way, like a cue to take you to the state of mindfulness. Mindful intention.

Why do we wish to know how or if the universe began?  This is actually a rather trivial matter.  Another common question, especially in the West is:  What does it all mean?  Does life have a purpose?  What’s the point?  …and so on.

Many of these types of questions are not really our questions at all.  We are compelled to ask by the same forces that invariably have us drinking coffee every morning — and without fail!

Ask that which you intend to know.  Why do we think that humans are different from animals?  How many times have I died today?  Can human relationships be expressed in geometric equations?  Is the highest majesty non-action?  What’s for dinner?

Metaphysics can be our toy thing.  But let’s ask a bird perched near to a whisper:

What makes you so certain the sun will rise tomorrow?


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