Horizontal Things

have a seat

There are certain things — what’s the word — accouterments, the standard issue items that are the personal effects of the initiate.  The one who adheres to a way of life, over time, exhibits the artifacts of the endeavor.  The Muslim has the prayer rug, the Christian has the church and steeple. For the horizontologist, it is no different.

We have already spoken about sitting without chairs.  So, you will eventually want a zabuton on which to assume either one of the two proper sitting postures — sitting back on your heels or sitting cross-legged. You may be interested in tatami mats, futons, daybeds, and decorative cushions.

You will wear horizontal wear, lounge wear, loose-fitting.  Why would you wear anything you wouldn’t want to sleep in?  Tank tops and boxers around the house, pajama bottoms for trips to the corner store, an enjoyable pair of trousers and a tailored t-shirt for out and about.

If you are interested in achieving gravitational equalarity, you will need an inversion table which will allow you to reverse the effects of gravity on the body and the mind. Check back here soon as I plan to test for the best inversion table out there.  Think of me as your horizontology explorer!

Other products of interest include hammocks, bongos, massage oils, candles, books of poetry and camping supplies. Just remember to travel light…

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