The Way of the World

Sweet little killer

A certain cute little bluebird is a virtuoso when it comes to survival skills.  She hunts small lizards and since her feet are too delicate to contain a wreathing reptile for very long, she has managed to learn (through evolution?) to grab the lizard with her beak and quickly fly it over to a certain kind of spiky tree.  The blue cutie literally impales the hapless lizard and eats it alive, peck by peck.

Nature is brutal though it seems to follow a sort of natural logic. Substances consume other substances and continue to live. Since being consumed is rather painful, the substances develop the fear DNA and the ten thousand things are hunter or hunted or both — usually both. The beastly history of the world in a nutshell.

It is wise for us to seek balance between the Way of the World and the Way of Heaven. Observe the correct rituals and live as a bridge between the two.

Let’s face it.   Life is a dangerous proposition no matter how you slice it.  Life insurance doesn’t keep you from dying; it’s counting on it.  Horrendous things happen every day.  Birds eat impaled lizards, meteors tear through the sky.

We are a species that can see Heaven but not touch it.  We can dream, feel, hope for the world beyond the clouds but we are squarely situated in a precarious place, this temporal, spatial coordinate.  We are dancing in oncoming traffic…

Do not turn away from the Way of the World.  Remember to seek out Nature’s instruction and let the dream of Heaven permeate your being.




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