Substance Abuse

I want more

We are all substances and we live by consuming other substances and these substances we ingest are either like ourselves (animals) or unlike ourselves (wine). Meanwhile, thousands of teeming substances are feeding on us. It’s a macabre balancing act when you think about it.

But balance we must …otherwise we would be teetering off the edge of a flat world. We would be forever circling a certain substance and this focus on this substance precludes the enjoyment or appreciation of all the other substances. For example, a crack addict probably doesn’t visit tanning beds and so on.

Why do people fall repeatedly into a state of compulsion and give up so easily their intention? Trying to relax, have a good time, create art, liven up the conversation…

I have a solution! Lie down. What? Lie down, down on the floor. Here’s a pillow if you need it. The compulsive forces of verticality can be avoided. Just duck and get down and lie down and look up. This simple disengagement with the day-to-day world is your ticket to ride from your particular substance collision….what?

Yes, it’s time we all get horizontal and prosper. Ride the magnetic wave. The imbalance of too much or too much thinking about too much or too much wanting the one substance in exclusion of the ten thousand other substances untwists itself from our bodies and minds if we would only just…lie…down.


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