Are we there yet?

Did you know there is a sexual technique known as carezza in Italian? (How would I know that?) How does it work? Well, that’s the wrong question. No work involved…

The man does not strive for ejaculation. The woman likewise does not strive. Agenda-less, they enjoy the caress, the feeling of not striving or hoping for anything but what is now there.

Politics, like sex is spiked ( or another word is “monkey-wrenched”) with agendas. Rigid dogma blurs out the sidewalk inspiration of non-agenda.  People strive, they want decisive victories over their competitors. Their agendas are spelled out on crude placards and within the clever syntax of corporate initiatives. Usually, the game is rigged and virtue and decency are blown scattered in the hot wind of greed. No one trusts the other side to follow anything remotely resembling a code of ethics. So Folks, I’m afraid it’s as cutthroat as pirates!

What are your agendas? Can you name them? Can you let them go? Can we rest here on the southern slope our backs to the summit?

I will talk more about agenda-less-ness and how to get there.

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