Trapped in time like the rest of us…

Did you know that General Ho Chien banned Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland in 1931? No of course you didn’t but an advanced Horizontologist like myself keeps track of these things.

Yes, it seems the General was offended by the animals being given human qualities — this meaning walking upright, speaking, and shrouding their genitalia in Victorian costumes. Animals acting like humans would blur the deep, distinct line that separates us from all manner of zoa, the soulless brutes of wilderness.  Man is special!

Have we not learned from the great tragedies, the masterworks of ethics:  Hubris is the downfall.  The duck, turtle, horse, swan, giraffe, toad, beetle, walrus, and monkey among us are different from us not by their essences but by our singular development toward the adaptation of becoming nearly hairless bipeds.

Animals, my friends, are people too.

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