The Great Outdoors

Stepping stones to here

Why do we live in houses? And why do we call the people who do not live in houses “homeless”? Who says we have to have an address?

The horizontologist asks these important questions because their answers bring understanding. We live in houses because we are materialistic; we need a place to keep our “stuff” as George Carlin would say. The homeless are portrayed as victims who need help.  Hurry, put them in a house right away!  If you are without a home, you are marginalized by society.

After all, society concerns itself in matters of control and group participation. Meanwhile, the free spirited among us flit and flutter in a world of light and sensation.  You are uncontrollable without a known residence.

How will they track you if you are out in the great outdoors?  How can they catch you?  I do not think they will.  You are living dust-free.

The animals make houses of sorts — burrows and nests — but these are far better conceived than our pre-fabricated nightmares. Plenty of fresh air, ample use of body heat, no additives…

Consider walking the topography of the Earth twisting along paths of adventure and then stopping and resting beneath a tree or in the middle of a field, a sand dune of sea oats rustling in the wind. Rise again and walk.

Do you not see now?



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