The Sky

Things are looking up

Why do you not look at the sky? You say, ” I DO look at the sky” and I say yes you do.  At sunrise maybe, sunset more so.  But what about the great dome above so high you must twist your neck to see. Or you could just…lie down.

The sky is beautiful. The sky tells your fortune. The sky is the most luxurious roof you can ever have hanging over your head. Why do we ignore the sky?

It is because we are vertical and we set our sights on what surrounds us… other vertical things existing in the vertical world. We scan like meerkats for danger, gaze with dog eyes for love. We are constantly focusing on the 10, 000 things that are barely six feet off the ground.

Choose infinity, my friend. Liberate your eyes and your mind. Look up! I am telling you now so you will not misunderstand: Lie down, look up and learn.

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