Dangerous Reactions

Don’t freak out!

So many times, we injure ourselves whether it be physically, mentally or spiritually because we tend toward over compensation especially when we find ourselves “off track.” How many automobile accidents occur due to an over-correcting of the steerage or applying too forcibly the brake?

Likewise, how many accidents, how many negative events do we impose upon ourselves when we over-react to the situations or obstacles that present themselves to us each and every day. These can be traffic accidents or collisions of the psychological variety.

When we veer hard away from an impending disaster, it’s a split second DNA – driven response. After all, the prime directive is to survive.

Actually, it takes a particular training of the mind NOT to react in certain scenarios…

But let’s start with a glass of milk. The glass of milk is inadvertently knocked over and it smashes all over the tile floor. The Horizontologist does not yell out, jump up or assign blame. He considers the spilled milk. The milk and the broken glass have made a splendid pattern against the square regularity of the tiles. It is a happy accident.

The Horizontologist quickly and efficiently cleans up the artistic mess and tells his house guests that wearing slippers would be prudent.

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