The Third Coming

Just in time

Just in time

Yes, I am back again with an unidentified bug camping out between letters u and j — whoops!  Sorry closer to j…

Of course we will talk more about this Horizontal Thing. There is much to cover; we have, until now, only conjured this dream of Horizontology, the lull of open days, the joy of lying in speculative repose. Now we will seek a path to it.

It becomes a Book of Numbers like so many books before. But numbers work. A sequence is created and numbers have special meanings do they not?

Number 1 is Human Nature — What is it to be human? The nature of existence. Adaptable, but also vulnerable to influence and control. Animals.

Number 2 is Beings Together — Hierarchy. Compartamentalization (a non word).  Specialization. Assumed roles. Violence. Power. War. Sex. Friendship.

Number 3 is Being Alone — Identity in solitude.  Abundance in a handkerchief.

Number 4 is — well you get the idea. Number 4 will be the how to…how to live your life as a Horizontologist.

Anyway, I’m back a second time so I am calling it the third coming since it’s implied I came the first time, right?


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