The Nature of Existence Part 2

Hungry forever

Hungry forever

There is in India a deity called Kirtimukha, the face of fame. He is the one forever and always devouring his own body, eyes bulging, teeth masticating. He is often found above doorways and entrances to temples and rightly so. This beast symbolizes life, the monstrous nature of life always eating and desiring more.

Passing beneath him symbolizes the progress from childhood to maturity. This maturity of which I speak is not just a mark of time but a gaining and crystallizing, understanding some of the true nature of life on earth.

Life is a jeweled box containing a single pearl of rapture.  The box is locked and you think you know where you can find the key. It could almost be a fairytale except that the jeweled box sits on a shelf way in the back of The Little Shop of Horrors.

The natural world, animals, vegetation, all feeds off itself.  Life is desire and that desire is strong because that desire is to survive.  Therefore, the nature of our existence is at once inviting and dangerous.

The spirits mingle on the earth anyway.

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