The Nature of Existence Part 3

What's your predestination?

What’s your predestination?

Life is the manifestation and intermingling of a supreme duality which over drapes all experience. There is the duality of body/mind, matter/energy, creation/destruction, sound/silence, sight/blindness, joy/sorrow, pleasure/pain, change/no change and so on.

I spoke earlier about the contingent nature of the universe. An object may be desired or repulsed contingent on the observer, the circumstance, and many other variables. Therefore, things are undefined props, if you will, on the world stage to be made to have meaning (or not).

Many ideologies may not need to duel if they only understood the dual nature of nature. For example, do we have free will?  (A hot button topic at one time)  The answer:  Yes, of course we do and of course not, what were you thinking?

Anatomy and place of birth seem to have minds of their own because most people cannot choose their way out of who, what and where they are. Yet also, we can choose where there is not this over-arching power of determinism.  There are small pockets of possibilities beyond the determined.  Here you can exercise your free will all you like.

The concept of the Dual Nature of the Universe tackles the other riddles just as neatly:

Does the universe last forever?

A. Yes

B. It never started

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