The Nature of Existence Part 4

What time is it?

What time is it?

Besides the age old question of predetermination, there is also the question of permanence.  Here is where true angst is bred:

Is this it?  And then it just ends? You gotta be kidding me!!!

When we entertain ideas of death as the end, we dim the eternal light that shines from within us.  We deny the undeniable. All of life then becomes an awkward, meaningless parade of faces, places and situations.

You must remember no matter what you are told — you are immortal.  There are many voices today to discourage this idea.  Do not be swayed by their science.  You are immortal.

How do you know?  I know you are asking this of me. I will tell you truthfully. The universe, as I call the physical three dimensional world including all space and galaxies stretching beyond the imagination, presents to us infinity — the idea and the physical reality of infinite distance. Infinite distance cannot be measured by science.

And now another riddle:  When did time begin, and when will it end?  Think on it and you will be led into a deep cavern of twists and turns and long hollow stretches: a great yawn without end.  The metrics of science cannot grasp it.

We exist within limitlessness.  We exist without limit.


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