The Horizontal Accoutrements

So many little things...

So many little things…

Did I tell you it takes a certain effort to actually get comfortable? Seems ironic, doesn’t it? But, think about it…

First, there’s the location to consider. Where can I go and be Horizontal without anyone bothering me?  Finding such a spot is immeasurably difficult in and of itself for many aspiring Horizontologists.

Then, there’s the pillows. Did you know the positioning of pillows in just the right place at the best angle is an art form? Of course it is!

Now, there is also the entertainment to arrange. Will you watch a film, read a book, sing, paint, meditate or masturbate? Well, that’s really up to you now isn’t it? Decisions, decisions.  And of course, your chosen activity or non-activity would necessitate possibly complete rearrangements of the pillow positionings.

You see, being Horizontal is not as easy as it seems.  It takes preparation and a penchant for being particular about your particulars, all your “little things.” These may include a pipe, a cup of tea, a handkerchief, massage oil, a glass of wine, a hat, reading spectacles, a book you can easily stop reading, a flute.

Get your own particular Horizontal accoutrements and venture out, if you must, and find that little Horizontal situation you have prepared for over and over again in your mind.  You deserve it.  You earned it.  You worked for it.

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