Things Better Left Undone

What did you do?

What did you do?

So many things simply have to be done! …or do they?

For example, why oil the creaking hinge of your backdoor? Why would you deprive yourself of a free burglar alarm system. Or suppose you have an untrustworthy spouse, God forbid. A noisy door would alert you to any nocturnal wanderings. There are many of these types of household chores that many people fuss about with that, to a Horizontologist, do not merit our attention.

Other types of tasks can be identified that do, in fact, need to get done sooner or later but are far better left until later. Why do so many dog owners insist on scooping up freshly-shat dog shit and shuttling it into an ill-suited plastic bag. Everyone knows that after dog shit dries, it’s one hundred times easier to, how should I say, handle. Now, I know what you’re saying because, yes, I can hear you:  “It’s the law and you can’t just walk away from your dog’s public deposit.”

Okay, okay it’s the law. Here’s my humble solution: Simply mark the dog shit site with a construction flag with your name and phone number printed on it. If you are approached by a law enforcement officer, enlighten him or her (or any back up that has been called in) as to the superior results of your system.

Also, there are those things you think about doing, things you picture in your mind like sending a 20 page letter to an ex-spouse or punching someone who insulted you. These things should not only be left undone but also unsaid and hopefully not entertained to be done in the future.

Think of all the misery, the human suffering that could have been avoided if only someone somewhere along the line simply didn’t do what they did!

What you feel you have to do is simply just not that important. No one is going to remember if you ordered a special cake for Jimmy or if you baked it yourself — at least not 50,000 years from now. No one.

Please relax. We are over-charged with messages to “just do it”, “get ‘r done”, accumulate possessions, speed up, keep moving, rake a freshly-mowed lawn. (Why?)

Instead, do what you intend to do. To do that, you will need time and space to reflect and slowly identify your intention. Therefore, I say: Free yourself from that which distracts and preoccupies you.

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