Little Demons

Life can definitely suck

Unfortunately my friends, yes there are demons. All is not good. Some things are bad. Some things are down right ornery.

And yes, there are angels. There are angels almost everywhere. If you can’t see them, you’re not looking. Maybe the demons have you.

You see, the demons, these little microscopic sucking orifices inebriate themselves on our emotions of fear, hatred and lust. The more you become aroused to fear, hatred and lust, the more the demons suckle. They draw great pleasure devouring the negative emanations we humans are prone to.

I tell you this only because I have seen these demons. It’s not so much that they are too small to see but our eyes cannot normally perceive them. But trust me, they exit, they feed, suck, breathe and shift around like vying piglets before a mother’s teat.

To delouse yourself, as it were, you will need prayer, lots of it. Keep regular hours and observe frequently the sky above you. Mark your comings and goings, your intentions and ferret out the nectar the demons mew for. Ferret them out I say or the demons will feast on!

Goodbye to fear.

Goodbye to hatred.

Goodbye to lust.

Well, on second thought, lust can stay for a little while longer. Won’t hurt a thing…

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